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Whalut puts the power of running your business back in your hands
​​​​​​​by honoring the liberties and freedoms that make our nation great.

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The Pro-Freedom Company

We created Whalut because we believe simple and honest business practices make the best experience. We are veteran-owned and U.S.-based, and we understand what it means to be a small business. For too long, American small-business owners have been taken advantage of by the large corporations that treat you like a number.

Unlike other commerce platforms, many of which are not even located in the United States or owned by U.S. companies, we subscribe to age-old American values of non-discrimination and inclusivity. Regardless of your political beliefs or what you’re selling, Whalut will never shut down your commerce engine, even if we disagree with you.

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Why Use Whalut?

It's simple, really. You can work with a company that shares your values or work with a company that will sell you a service and then use the proceeds they earned from your hard work to silence and oppose the fundamental American values that make our country great. 

We built Whalut to support companies that share our values.

​​​​​​​We built Whalut to preserve American principles.

When you use Whalut you support a company that shares your values.

When you use Whalut you are preserving American principles. 

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